What is happening with the wine registry in Indonesia?

A few days ago Double M approached BPOM. BPOM is the authority of the Indonesian Ministry of Health responsible for authorizing the registration of food and beverages in Indonesia. Each product of this type that wants to be marketed in Indonesia has to go through their hands, a registration process that in its words "lasts 100 days as long as the documentation is correct." In short, hold on and hold for 3 to 6 months to register your product (do not worry, those who come behind will have to wait for the same, so start as soon as possible and make your market share before them).

Well, once explained this, we go to where we were. The issue is that BPOM was blocking the registration of one of our wines. We were throwing the Free Sale Certificate because it said it was not valid. Not only was he throwing ours, he was throwing that of virtually all the wines that had submitted the documentation for registration. Thus, after talking with one of our importers we decided to close a meeting with the head of this issue.

Upon arrival, a good surprise. All those in charge wore "hijab", that is, convinced Muslims registering wines :( we don't need to explain anything. We start with the issue and explain that it turns out that now they want Free Sale Certificates to come from a Spanish government authority. , Chambers of Commerce outside.

Thus, we asked you to show us some samples of the certificates you were rejecting. Once we saw them we couldn't help but smile, we already had the solution.

It turns out that these ladies had no idea what are the Autonomous Communities in Spain or the Regional Governments and were throwing all the certificates that put for example "Generalitat de Catalunya", "Castilla - La Mancha", "Basque Government", etc. , ... of course for them these rare names are not the "Government of Spain".

So, based on the analogy with the decentralization of Indonesia (they also have local governments with transferred powers) we explain that these names are, indeed, of Regional Governments. This is precisely a government agency that is precisely what they are asking for. To "help" them even more to solve this dismissal, Double M has provided them with a list of all the Governments of the Autonomous Communities of Spain so that they have no doubts when examining a document.

Hopefully, now, all the wines are unlocked, not just ours, and that the wine producers in our country can enter this great market.

We also try to push for the theme of the samples. In Indonesia, wine samples cannot be placed until the product is registered. Registration is done by an importer, but how will you want to register our wine if you have not tried it? So, what we do now is to put the samples illegally (yes, there are ways but you have to pay and know who).

What I wanted from the lady is that she understood that we want to comply with the regulation but that that makes no sense. She points out that under current regulations we can sample but that, of course, the quantity has to meet a limited number of bottles to be considered samples. Well, in the regulation you don't put this number. He is asked. Consider that an appropriate number is 2-3 bottles of 3/8. I didn't know whether to cry, laugh or dance a doll with the hijab.

You want to sell a wine and you have to visit the 14 importers that are currently authorized in Indonesia to put alcoholic beverages, how are you supposed to share 3 3/8 bottles with all of them? And what is more, to put the three bottles before you have to get a letter from the Import Directorate authorizing it. Getting this letter means dealing with the Indonesian bureaucracy. I do not say more.

So good, to continue as before, moving the waist to jump the barriers. We want to make it legal, we promise, but sometimes it is difficult. They are aware of the juiciness of their market and protect it. It is what it is. We have no choice but to sneak through the cracks they leave. It is our job.

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